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Tae Hun Kim

Graduated from American University Washington College of Law in D.C. Mr. Kim has spent numerous years working with a reputable law firm in Washington D.C. post graduation practicing immigration law. Since then he has set up a private practice located in New York City, currently practicing immigration, real estate, and commercial law. He and his team has successfully aided many immigrants gain citizenship and has also justly represented many clients in the sale and purchase of real and commercial property. 

Tae Hun Kim

Immigration Reform

Obama spoke of the immigration reform on the 24th of October, 2013. He has made it his new priority to streamline immigration and to make crossing the border efficient and fair. Are you ready for the impending reform?

Immigration Reform


The Law Office of Tae Hun Kim is dedicated to provide a level of professional legal services that you will find efficient, friendly, and personal. We will work hard to represent you properly and fairly in all the areas of law that we practice. On this site you will find news and information that will help you in your immigration, real estate, and commercial legal matters. Feel free to explore the wealth of information that will be provided for you on this site, the Homepage of the Law Office of Tae Hun Kim. 


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We practice immigration law,
to help you gain the
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Real Estate

We Practice Real Estate,
to make your real estate transactions
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We Practice Commercial Law, to ensure
that you are represented fairly and justly in
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